Lawyers of Elon Musk Look to Dismiss the Lawsuit Filed By Cave Diver: Business News

On Wednesday, the lawyers of Elon Musk filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed against him regarding the tweets, through which he called a British rescue diver by the name of a pedo guy. They say that the comments were taken in an exaggerated manner. Moreover, according to Musk’s lawyers, Twitter is quite unpopular for invective and hyperbole. Back in the month of September, British Diver, Vernon Unworthy filed a case against Musk and is now seeking an amount of minimum $75000 as compensatory damages. The legal battle has dragged back the antics of Musk to come into the spotlight, after having undergone a rough year for the CEO as well as Tesla.

In the case filed, the lawyers of Musk say that he was defending himself as well as his companies while taking digs at Unsworth on Twitter. The diver had questioned Musk’s efforts in public to help rescue a soccer team of Thai Boy, who got stranded in an underwater cave. The motion in order to dismiss the lawsuit said that Musk answered to defend himself along with the efforts of the employees of SpaceX, Tesla and the Boring Company, who had given up everything in order to find a solution against the allegations thrown in by the cave diver.

The attorney of Unsworth, Lin Wood said that he was confident that the case would move forward. Wood said that he completely rejects the frivolous contention of Elon Musk. Musk’s contention was that all his statements, which were published on Twitter or in other social media channels, happen to be protected speech. He said that he is confident; the trial court will similarly reject this position from Musk. If it gets adopted, then that would prevent an individual from looking for redressal against all kinds of false as well as defamatory attacks on the reputation, which has got published on the internet.

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